Electricity generators and grid operators

Electricity users

The Avalon™ Flow Battery, with its proprietary vanadium-based storage capability, can charge or discharge tens of thousands of times over decades without the degradation in capacity and efficiency exhibited by lithium ion batteries. This capability allows the AFB to serve a broad set of uses, decoupling energy supply from demand both on and off the electric grid:

Energy generation time shifting:

Many conventional and emerging sources of power generation are limited in their ability to respond to demand. Wind and solar can only generate power when the wind blows and the sun shines. Conventional sources like coal and nuclear are expensive to turn off at times of low electricity demand. The Avalon Flow Battery can effectively address both situations, storing energy as generated and delivering on demand.

Local distribution grid demand shifting:

Our electricity grid has been built continuously over the last 140 years. However, there are bottlenecks where the use or generation of electricity has evolved faster than the underlying infrastructure. The Avalon Flow Battery can alleviate these bottlenecks, delivering both the stability that grid operators need and the capacity that electricity users want.

Demand charge reduction and time-of-use optimization:

For electricity consumers, reducing their energy bills is of paramount importance. The Avalon Flow Battery helps in two ways. First, by storing electricity at off-peak times, the AFB decreases energy costs; second, by decreasing peak power usage the AFB decreases so-called “demand charges” that are set according to the maximum power used at a particular site.

Self-consumption optimization:

An increasing number of electricity users are self-generating their own power. Frequently this is to decrease their own electricity bills; sometimes it is to decrease their own carbon-fuel footprint; but often it is simply because they are operating in a region with an unstable, intermittent or non-existent grid. In any of these cases, the Avalon Flow Battery can help optimize their usage: For example, by deploying self-generated solar energy at the time of day that most offsets demand charges; by providing power to maintain industrial operations during grid outages; or by combining with renewable generation to decrease the use of expensive diesel fuel off-grid.

Can you benefit from these capabilities? If you’re involved in generating or using electricity, chances are you can. We’d be thrilled to talk with you to see how we can help; contact us for more information.